About Me

Amelia is an established headshot photographer based in Melbourne and Sydney. Her photographs are known for their naturally beautiful aesthetic, and has photographed many actors represented by top agencies in Australia, including RGM, Meissner, Sophie Jermyn, Nicky Gluyas, Marquee Management and Shanahans. Amelia has shot graduates from NIDA, WAAPA, VCA, QUT and the ACA.

She strives to create an environment in which to take headshots that is easygoing, fun and enjoyable. 

Things people have said about me

"Love is an understatment for the new pictures! They are fantastic - and honestly I think the first time we have an amazing headshot for you that captures your personality!" Paradigm Talent Agency, NYC

"Amelia makes head shots so damn easy. She's so knowledgable, talented and patient. And incredibly fun to be around. She makes the often tricky task of head shots feel like a beautiful day out." Kate Mulvany

"Amelia J Dowd is the best. If you need pictures taken, choose Amelia. She provides a comfortable and laid back environment with stunning end results. Cannot recommend her strongly enough!" Emily Joy

"Amelia J Dowd makes you forget there's a camera in front of you. Because she IS the camera. One second you're just talking & then she's like "here you go" & hands you a photo of you looking like Elvis. She sees things others can't. She's amazing." 
Cameron James

"Being photographed by Amelia is a really wonderful experience. She's knowledgeable, thoughtful and incredibly talented. I couldn't be happier with the results!" Gen Fricker

"Amelia's headshot photography is the product of someone who is fearlessly unique, industry aware, sensitive to her clients' needs and fun. We collaborated on looks, having conversations that made me feel respected and excited to work with her." Ben Michael

"Much like trying on a swimsuit, getting your photo taken is an incredibly daunting, confronting and somewhat self-conscious inducing moment of terror. Sitting with Amelia is comforting and engaging - and it shows in the work. Her professionalism and ability to capture a person's self in her photography is outstanding." Heidi Irvine

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